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Gosport PAT Testing

When it comes to electrical safety, you only have two choices: hire a licensed electrician to perform a proper inspection, or go DIY. The former option is expensive, and the latter isn’t always safe. So what should you do?

Evergreen Electricians knows that hiring a licensed electrician is often necessary, and we’re proud to say that we offer affordable and reliable PAT testing in Gosport, UK. Our technicians are trained professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that PAT testing is performed safely and effectively.

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and convenient way to check your home’s electrical system, look no further than Evergreen electricians!

We Do PAT Testing for All Appliances

As per The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974), regular inspection, testing and maintenance of electrical equipment and appliances is necessary for the following circumstances:

  • If a workplace requires employees to use appliances
  • If a public place has appliances that may be used by the general public. Examples are schools, hotels, hospitals etc.
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In line with the above, we perform PAT testing of all types of appliances, including:

  • Electric drills

  • Monitors

  • Microwaves

  • Printers

  • Laptops & PCs

  • Vending machines

  • Photocopiers

  • Cable extensions

Our PAT testers can also test outlets and switches, as well as any other electrical devices that may be present within your property. We offer same day PAT certificates. We also offer a smoke & fire alarm installation service, so give us a call if you require this.

Why Choose Us?

With over 10 years experience in the trade of electrical testing, we are one of the most trusted names in the industry. Here’s why you should consider hiring us:

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Safety First Approach

We ensure that your business complies with every safety regulation set out by the government. We will never compromise on this principle.

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Affordable Prices

You won’t find lower prices anywhere else. We provide our services at an affordable price so everyone can benefit from them

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Reliable Service

We’ve been providing quality service for over a decade. Our customers can rest assured knowing they’ll get the best possible service when they choose us. Please feel free to take a look at our 5-star reviews from happy customers.

Fully Insured

All our staff members are fully insured and certified for your peace of mind.

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Frequently asked questions

What is PAT Testing?

The term portable appliance testing (PAT) refers to the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure their safety. A visual examination can detect most electrical safety defects, but testing is the only way to detect some defects.

Portable Appliance Testing is not specifically required by law as an employer. It is still recommended to do regular PAT tests because they help meet several safety standards stipulated in regulations.

Can I do PAT test myself?

It is very important to perform PAT tests correctly if you decide to do your own PAT testing. If the person performing the test is a ‘competent’ person, your business can conduct its own PAT tests.

What would fail a PAT test?

Plugs with structural damage, such as cracks, dents, or holes, could pose an electric shock hazard and fail a PAT test.

What other appliances do you test?

Our engineers test each and every type of appliance, including stoves, ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, cords, sockets, wiring, breakers, fuses, lighting, refrigerators and more. Businesses, shops, offices, commercial properties as well as domestic clients rely on our testing service to ensure compliance and safety. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Can any electrician do a PAT test?

In general, electricians are qualified PAT testers. It is not necessary to be an electrician to be a PAT tester, so anyone can train, learn, and perform legal PAT tests.

How long is a PAT test valid for?

Equipment classified as class 1 (general IT equipment) should be tested every four years. Testing portable equipment such as extension leads is recommended every two years. As a result of the increased risk of damage, handheld equipment and equipment that is transported and used frequently should be tested every 12 months.

What areas do you serve?

We serve every area surrounding Gosport, including Dorset, Surrey, Eastleigh, Havant, Waterlooville, Portsmouth, Winchester, Fareham, Southampton, Hampshire and more.

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